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Add link

Step 1 - Add Our Link

To create a link to Maydays Beechworth that looks like the following on your website:

Holiday rental accommodation, Beechworth
Maydays Beechworth - Holiday rental accommodation for short stays, getaways, romantic breaks and longer vacations.

  1. Click your mouse in the following text box,
  2. Press Ctrl A (Windows) or Command A (Apple Macintosh) to select all the text,
  3. Press Ctrl C (Windows) or Command C (Apple Macintosh) to copy the text,
  4. Press Ctrl V (Windows) or Command V (Apple Macintosh) to paste the code on your webpage in your HTML editor.

Step 2 - Read Our Link Criteria

We reject all 3-way link exchange requests and strictly enforce the following criteria when selecting our link partners.

  1. Our link:
    • must be in place on your website before requesting a reciprocal link,
    • cannot be more than 2 clicks away from your homepage,
    • must be hard-coded on a static webpage. i.e. no database-driven link page,
    • must be grouped with links offering similar or related services,
    • must be on a webpage with no more than 30 links to other websites.
  2. Your website:
    • must be in English,
    • must complement the services we offer,
    • must not contain any Free-For-All (FFA) link webpages.
  3. We reserve the right to:
    • refuse your request even if you follow our guidelines,
    • remove your link if you subsequently breach these guidelines.

Step 3 - Link Exchange Request

Please email your link request and include the following details.

  1. Your details:
    • Full name & email address.
    • Company name & position.
  2. Details about you website:
    • URL,
    • Title,
    • Anchor text,
    • Description.
  3. Proposed link category:
    • Accommodation guides,
    • Attractions,
    • Restaurants,
    • Other (please specify).
  4. The URL to our link on your website.